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Music Copyright Owners Line Up to Sue Baidu

21st Century Business Herald, 2/26/08

Wu Jun, CEO of digital music copyright trade platform R2G, revealed that the company has filed a lawsuit against Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) for copyright violation, and will ask for related compensation.   Read More...


Rumor: Baidu Acquires KooMail

Rumor: Baidu Acquires Browser Developer

Netease Shifts Outsourcing Partner for Real Estate Channel

Netsun 2007 Profits Up 50%

Baidu Collects Feedback on IM

Firefox Aims to Double Chinese Market Share

Top Sina Bloggers Earning RMB 30,000 per Month

MSN Launches IM Signature Channel

Shanda Q4 Net Revenue Grows 51.8% YoY

Shanda, Pay88 Extend Game Card Agreement

Sohu to Open New Server Group for Blade

Perfect World to Begin Second Round OB for Chi Bi

Perfect World to Open New Servers for Legend of Martial Arts

Perfect World to Open New Server Groups for Zhu Xian

NetDragon Buys Back HKD 195 mln in Shares

Guangdong Data Communication to Begin CB of The Wizard of Oz

Gamania Licenses Art of War

Baiyou Huitong Releases Longteng Shijie Testing Schedule

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