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Guangdong Issues Information Security Regulation

Southern Metropolitan News, 4/01/08

The "Guangdong Computer Information Systems Security Protection Regulations" have formally entered effect today. The regulations prohibit the illegal possession, use, and theft of computer information system resources; theft, fraudulent acquisition, and seizure of computer information systems; divulging e-mail addresses and other personal information to third parties without authorization; theft or unauthorized divulgence of accounts and passwords; transmission of information under an assumed identity; and, intentionally producing and disseminating malicious software and other damaging programs.

The above-mentioned behaviors are punishable by public security organs through: warning and confiscation of illegally obtained earnings; fines for individuals and organizations of up to RMB 5,000 and RMB 15,000, respectively; termination of computer usage and network access for a period of six months for serious offenses; investigation and prosecution of conduct which constitutes a crime in accordance with the law.

The regulations also stipulate that neither organizations nor individuals shall use computer information systems to create, transmit, or replicate materials such as pornography or other salacious materials; materials which promote gambling, violence, homicide, terrorism, or crime; materials which instigate riots, spread rumors and false information; or, slanderous materials and that which insults others.

Editor's note: Guangdong is frequently at the vanguard of both new technology adoption and trials of new systems and policies. Expect other Chinese cities to follow suit with similar regulations in the near future.

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