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17173 Releases 'Most Anticipated Games' Ranking, 6/23/08

17173 has released the most anticipated games rankings for the week ending June 23, 2008, with ranking determined by votes cast online by players. The game rankings are cumulative, updated weekly, and cover only those games which have not yet gone into open beta testing.

Dungeon & Fighter, to date the 4th most anticipated game since the beginning of the year and 2nd most in the past month, began open beta testing on June 19, so is no longer featured on the "Most Anticipated" list. Marbridge recently completed a closed beta player feedback survey of Dungeon & Fighter - a useful tool for gauging the game's prospects for commercial success. To find out more details of this survey, including how you can purchase a copy, please contact us at {encode="" title=""}.

RankChangeGame NameCompanyVotes
1Up (2)Chinese Paladin9You 177774
2 Up (3) JX Online 3 Kingsoft 154583
3Up (4)Changchun OnlineShanda 147497
4Up (6)Aion Shanda 123331
5-- Dragon Ball OnlineN/A 122698
6Up (9) Pocketpet Journey West Perfect World 101867
7-- Zodiac Tales GoldCool 101258
8-- Wulin Qunxia Zhuan CATV 97097
9 Up (10) Cross Fire Tencent 91968
10 Up (11) Crazy Speed9You 83519
11Up (12)Ragnarok Online 2The9 74294
12Up(13)Duke of Mount DeerSohu73243
13Up (14) Longteng Shijie Baiyou Huitong 72145
14Up (15) Way of the Five NetDragon 71107
15Up (16) DOA OnlineShanda 68520
16Up (18) Youxi Rensheng Firestone 65052
17-- Tiandi Online Joytime 63038
18Up (20) Yingxiong Dao (Hero Island) Domain Network 62749
19-- R-Man DDTone 60520
20New Xun Xian (Journey to Fairyland)Tencent 59676

Keywords: Shenzhen Domain Network 3888.HK 8288.HK SNDA 0700.HK NCTY 17173 9You Aion Baiyou Huitong CATV Changchun Online Chinese Paladin Crazy Speed Cross Fire DDTone DOA Dragon Ball Online Dungeon & Fighter Firestone Goldcool Way of the Five Hero Island Internet Joytime JX Online 3 Kingsoft Longteng Shijie Duke of Mount Deer NetDragon Perfect World Pocketpet Journey West R-Man Ragnarok Online 2 rankings Shanda Zodiac Tales Sohu Tencent The9 Tiandi Online Wulin Qunxia Zhuan Xun Xian Yingxiong Dao Youxi Rensheng online gaming Youxi Rensheng Journey to Fairyland


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