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Update: Details of TD-SCDMA Terminal Bidding Results

China Business News, 7/02/08

According to TD-SCDMA manufacturers, China Mobile's second round of TD-SCDMA terminal bidding is 215,000 units - 200,000 handsets and 15,000 data cards. Domestic TD-SCDMA manufacturers have won orders for 185,000 units, accounting for 86% of the total tender (by units).

According to data collected from the TD-SCDMA manufacturers, of the 200,000 handsets, the winning manufacturers and units were:

ZTE (0763.HK; 000063.SZ) 61,000

Guangzhou New Postcom 20,000

Samsung 20,000

Amoi (600057.SH) 19,000

Hisense (600060.SH) 14,500

Holley 13,000

Lenovo Mobile 9,000

LG 9,000

Datang Mobile 7,000

Shenzhen Sangfei 6,000

Yulong 4,500

Panda Electronics 3,500

Dopod 3,000

UTStarcom (Nasdaq: UTSI) 3,000

Huawei 2,000

TCL 2,000

Longcheer 1,700

Motorola 1,000

Haier 800

Of the 15,000 data cards, the winning manufacturers and units were:

Datang Mobile 7,500

Chongqing Chongyou Information Technology Group 3,000

Guangzhou New Postcom 2,500

Putian (Potevio) 2,000

Feng Lei, general manager of the marketing department of Datang Mobile, said that, "over 65% of terminals use TD-SCDMA chips from Datang Mobile", and the TD-SCDMA terminals will be supplied before the end of July.

Of the handsets that won contracts, low and medium-end models accounted for 90%, and will be sold for RMB 1,000-2,500. High-end handsets comprised 18,000 of the total units, with Yulong's Coolpad 6260 and 6268 winning orders of 3,000 units and 1,500 units respectively, Samsung 6,500, ZTE 4,000, and Dopod 3,000. Liu Dongkai, Yulong CEO's assistant, said that the "Coolpad 6268 will be sold for RMB 5,580". The other models will go for RMB 3,000-4,000.

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