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Alimama Expands Advertising Program

ChinaByte, 8/18/08

Alimama, the online ad trading platform of the Alibaba Group, will invest tens of millions of RMB in a new round of its "3 Guarantees" program. The 3 Guarantees program guarantees stable ad-revenue, click-fraud compensation, and referrals for website and advertisers. This new round will start by evaluating member websites related to the financial, automotive and sports industries. Alimama will then chose one of these industries and purchase all the advertising on these websites that match Alimama's size and positioning requirements. There is no traffic requirement for the sites involved. Alimama's advertising network is currently comprised of 400,000 small and medium-sized websites, as well as 200,000 blogs. According to Eddie Wu, general manager of Alimama, if the ad placements don't meet the company's requirements, Alimama has the authority to terminate the 3 Guarantees agreement.

Editor's Note: For more information regarding Alimama's 3 Guarantees program, please see "Alimama Guarantees Against Click Fraud", MD 2/27/08 Issue.

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