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Baidu E-Commerce Platform Begins CB

Sina Tech, 8/22/08

Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) announced today that its e-commerce platform has been updated and opened to 10,000 closed beta testers.   Read More...

99Bill Launches Installment Service

Xinhua PRNewswire, 8/21/08

Chinese third-party payment processor 99Bill has launched a new installment service for payments made through its partners.   Read More...


PPS Obtains Online Video License

UUSee Buys Online Broadcasting Rights to Red Cliff

360quan Obtains Third Round USD 25 Mln Funding Launches Open Platform

Rumor: Giant, to Hold Online Beauty Contest

Rumor: Kuxun Founder to Join KooMail

Ninetowns CEO Confirms Tootoo COO Resignation

Noah Education FY 2007/8 Net Profit Up 118%

Shanda to Begin Official OB of Casual Game

Shanda to Begin CB of Company of Heroes

CDC Games to Open New Server Farm for MMO

9You to Open New Server of MMO

9You to Begin Technical Testing of Concerto Gate

Moliyo to Begin OB of MMO

Storm to Begin OB for MMO

Storm to Open New Server Group for MMO

Sanco to Launch New Features for MMO

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