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CNNIC: Baidu Holds 77% Share of Primary Search User Market

CNNIC, 3/05/09

The Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released its ‘2008 Report on Chinese Search User Behavior,' which shows that as of the end of 2008, the number of Chinese search engine users had grown to 203 mln, up 33.6% over the previous year.   Read More...

Baidu: Phoenix Nest in Final Testing

National Business Daily, 3/05/09

Chinese online search company Baidu's (Nasdaq: BIDU) newest advertising auctioning system "Phoenix Nest" will launch in the second quarter of this year, and is currently in the final stages of testing.   Read More...

China to Regulate TV Shopping

Shanghai Evening Post, 3/03/09

Richard Wong, chairman of the China Direct Media Marketing Association (CDMMA), has stated that in November this year, China will release a national standard for the television shopping industry.   Read More...

CMMB to See Nationwide Commercial Launch in July

China Business News, 3/05/09

Wang Lian, deputy director of the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television's (SARFT) Department of Science and Technology, says that following the completion of operator support systems for CMMB in Q1 of this year, Q2 will see the completion of CMMB billing and settlement systems, as well as work to deploy these alongside the networks' existing conditional access encryption systems.   Read More...

Ourgame, Shanda to Cooperate on Games

Ittime, 3/05/09

Wu Guoliang, CEO of online game developer and operator Ourgame, has revealed the company plans to cooperate with online game developer and operator Shanda (Nasdaq: SNDA) to manage its online game products.   Read More...

Chinese Government Announces Rural Computer Bidding Results

Sohu IT, 3/05/09

Bidding results for a government-sponsored rural promotion on computers have been released, with 14 companies winning bids.   Read More...



Rumor: ZTE Merges R&D and Marketing Departments

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CCID: China 2008 Handset Sales Reach 161 Mln

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Giant Interactive Q4 2008 Net Profit Up 117%

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IDC: China 2009 PC Market to Grow Only 3%

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