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Shanghai Telecom Launches RMB 1 Daily Data Package

Netease Tech, 6/30/09

China Telecom (NYSE: CHA; 0728.HK) subsidiary Shanghai Telecom announced on June 25 the release of a RMB 1 per day data package, made available only to prepaid users on a trial basis. The package includes 5 MB of data usage, with any bandwidth in excess of this limit charged at RMB 0.005/KB. Any data use exceeding RMB 20 per day or RMB 500 per month will be free. The service is available only for local use in Shanghai. Users already on another, existing package who also subscribe to the new RMB 1 per day data plan will be able to first use the data allotment (usually monthly) under their existing plan before being assessed any charge under the RMB 1 per day plan.

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