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Guangdong Mobile Launches 3G Packages for M-Zone Users

Ccidcom, 8/04/09

Guangdong Mobile has begun offering the first 3G product for its M-Zone brand in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, an online chat package that allows users to go online as well as use video chat. The standard video calling rate using the new card is RMB 0.29 per minute, less than half the previous rate of RMB 0.6 per minute. The cheapest monthly plan costs RMB 19 and includes 100 SMS messages, 100MB of bandwidth usage and 30 minutes of video calling, while for RMB 39 subscribers receive the same, plus an additional 50 minutes of video calling. Users exceeding their data usage plan will be charged RMB 1 for each additional megabyte, with a monthly maximum limit of 15GB or RMB 500.

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