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Draft Proposal for Establishment of China Broadcasting TV Network Rejected

Beijing Business Today, 1/24/11

The founding of China Broadcasting Television Network Company, which is intended to be a national-level participant in regulating network convergence and the upgrading and conversion of the national cable TV network, has encountered difficulties as initial proposals towards establishing the company have failed to gain approval from the relevant regulatory bodies.   Read More...


Sharp China to Release Internet TV Products in H1 2011

Tencent Tech, 1/24/11

Isao Sakai, head of operations planning for Sharp China, today announced that Sharp will launch internet TV sets for the China market in H1 2011, though a specific launch date has not been determined.   Read More...

Rumor: Radio & TV Shanghai, SMG 2010 Revenue Reaches RMB 11.3 Bln

Beijing Business Today, 1/24/11

A spokesperson for Chinese media provider Radio and Television Shanghai recently revealed that combined 2010 revenues from his company and its subsidiary, Shanghai Media Group (SMG), reached RMB 11.3 bln.   Read More...

SMG New Years' TV Special to Feature 3D Content

Beijing Business Today, 1/24/11

Shanghai Media Group's (SMG) Dragon TV has announced it will feature three 1-2 minute 3D broadcasts during its "Shanghai 2011 Chinese New Year's Gathering of the Stars" TV special on February 3.   Read More...

Shanghai City Center DTV Subscribers Reach 2.2 Mln

Shanghai.Gov.Cn, 1/24/11

The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television reports Shanghai has essentially completed DTV conversion efforts for the city center, with 2.2 mln out of 2.5 mln cable TV users now wired for DTV.   Read More...

Siano Joins China's CMMB Working Group

Siano PR, 1/24/11

Israeli-based mobile DTV chipmaker Siano Mobile Silicon and TiMi Technologies, a subsidiary of State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's (SARFT) Academy of Broadcasting Science, have announced that Siano is the newest member in the Next-Generation Broadcast (NGB) working group, referred to as NGB WG.   Read More...

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