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Rumor: Sina Weibo Celebrities Average 17% Zombie Followers

Oriental Morning Post, 5/20/11

A sample of 10 high-traffic users on Chinese internet company Sina's (Nasdaq: SINA) Weibo microblogging platform found an average of 17% "zombie" followers, with Kai-fu Lee having nearly 1 mln zombie followers, according to Weibo user Chen "Peter" Chuanliang.

Zombie followers are typically highly inactive accounts, according to Chen, with the majority either registered to inflate a user's follower count or a spambot. Chen defined a zombie account as one that fit at least one of the following criteria: an abandoned account (one that has been inactive for 3 months and had its nickname suspended by Sina), an account with fewer than five followers, or an account with fewer than 5 postings.

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