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Third-Party Taobao Search Engine Launches

DoNews, 6/07/11

Zhuhai-based Xixuan Information Technology recently launched, a third-party search engine for Chinese-based B2C and C2C e-commerce site Taobao. A spokesperson for Xixuan said that the company has no plans to seek funding for the time being.

Xixuan sorts Taobao vendor and product listings to provide shoppers with reliable, accurate search results.

The search engine uses data mining techniques to collect information on a number of criteria, including Taobao stores' transaction price levels, short-term (not same-day) seller transaction history, vendor rating as compared to similar vendors, transaction activity, and vendor participation in Taobao's customer protection plan, which it then passes through a scoring algorithm to list vendors and products by rank.

Xixuan collects data from Taobao Alliance's Taoke promotional platform, but not all of the vendors and products that it lists are registered with Taoke, meaning that Xixuan's business model is not entirely reliant on CPS revenues realized through its search results. Xixuan does not index all of the products on Taobao's platform: rather, it only indexes a majority of product categories that tend to contain a lot of entry data.

Xixuan was created by former Kingsoft (3888.HK) technical staff.

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