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Chinese Communist Party Appoints New CCTV Head

Xinhuanet, 11/24/11

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has appointed Hu Zhanfan as head of China Central Television (CCTV), replacing Jiao Li who will be assigned a new post.   Read More...

Rumor: Chongqing Cable TV Develops SNS, Multi-Screen Services, 11/25/11

Chongqing Cable TV plans to launch a social network and multi-screen viewing services in H2 2012, according to a source within the cable TV operator.   Read More...


Update: Oriental Culture to Acquire Stake in Hunan Mobile TV

PR Newswire Asia, 11/25/11

Hong Kong-based outdoor advertising firm China Oriental Culture Group Limited (2371.HK) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a 49% stake in Hunan Mobile TV and a 95% stake in Beijing Qing Da Tong Zhi ShuKong Technology for not more than HKD 876 mln.   Read More...

Rumor: Jiangsu, Tianjin Satellite TV Drop Ads During TV Dramas

Sohu, 11/25/11

Late last night, spokespeople for Jiangsu Satellite TV and Tianjin Satellite TV announced that the two stations would cease running ad breaks during airings of television dramas.   Read More...

Sumavision Wins Dawu Cable TV Head-End Tender, 11/24/11

Beijing-based digital video and IPTV system provider Sumavision (300079.SZ) won a head-end equipment tender for EMR, SMR, IPQAM, and other equipment for a DTV project in Dawu County, Hubei province this month.   Read More...

Sumavision Wins Yiyang Cable TV IPQAM Bid, 11/24/11

Beijing-based digital video and IPTV system provider Sumavision (300079.SZ) recently revealed that it won a bid for a DTV head-end equipment product in Yiyang, Hunan province this month.   Read More...

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