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Rumor: MIIT May Postpone PHS Phase-Out Until 2012

CCTIME, 11/28/11

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) may postpone shutting down Personal Handy-phone (PHS) services until next year due to slow conversion of PHS subscribers to other services, according to an industry insider.

Latest figures released by MIIT show that as of the end of October 2011, there remained a total of 19.5 mln PHS users in China, who at the height of PHS usage numbered nearly 100 mln. MIIT announced in 2009 that PHS would stop using 1900-1920 MHz spectrum by the end of 2011.

Editor's Note: According to MIIT's monthly telecom industry statistics, PHS users have decreased by approximately 0.7-1 mln each month this year.

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