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China Mobile Sees RMB 50 Mln Revenue from Video Competition

iFeng Tech, 12/12/11

At the December 9 awards ceremony for China Mobile's (NYSE: CHL; 0941.HK) 2011 G-Snap original video competition at the company's video operations base in Shanghai, the company revealed that it generated more than RMB 50 mln in online 'box office earnings' through just eight months of screenings this year of mobile video works submitted during its 2010 G-Snap competition. Of those, Da Wu Wei ("Fearless"), brought in a total of RMB 951,000 in earnings, RMB 190,000 of which has been given to the production team for the short film.

Over 60,000 film enthusiasts participated in this year's China Mobile G-Snap original video competition, as well as the more than 12 mln viewers of original video content uploaded using mobile phones to G-Snap event channels on various websites. According to a spokesperson for China Mobile's video operations in Shanghai, internet users can view or download any of the video works featured in the competition on demand for just a RMB 2 fee, 20% of which is paid to the film's creators. The remaining 80% of revenue is split 60:40 between China Mobile's Shanghai operations and its partners, Youku (NYSE: YOKU), Tudou (Nasdaq: TUDO), and other video hosting websites.

China Mobile launched its G-Snap event in 2010, attracting 1 mln viewers in the first month alone, bringing in RMB 2 mln in revenue.

The number of users of China Mobile handsets with video recording functions has grown by more than 150% annually in nearly 5 years, and is currently at a scale of 50 mln users. As of August 2011, China Mobile had released nearly 1,000 different video-enabled handset models, including brands from all major mobile manufacturers.

Editor's Note: For more background on this topic, please see "China Mobile's Mobile Video Users Reach 50 Mln" MD 12/09/11 issue.

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