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Xi'an Unicom Upgrades Broadband Speeds, 12/13/11

According to industry sources, Xi'an Unicom will soon begin upgrading broadband capacity speeds at no added cost, improving users with 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps, or 4 Mbps connections to between 6-10 Mbps.   Read More...


Wuhan Telecom Reduces Broadband Fees, 12/13/11

Wuhan Telecom announced on December 12 that it has lowered fees for all 4-20 Mbps broadband subscriptions by up to 60%.   Read More...

GDS to Open Shanghai Internet Data Center

It168, 12/13/11

Chinese internet data center service provider Global Data Solutions Limited (GDS) has announced its new Shanghai flagship Internet data center (IDC) will start operations by the end of the year to meet growing demand in the eastern China region.   Read More...

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