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Rumor: Kindle Taps Shanda for China Market Entry

Sina Tech, 2/20/12

According to an industry source, Amazon will introduce its Kindle e-reader to the Chinese market in cooperation with Shanda Interactive sometime this year, a possibility that has since been confirmed by Shanda Literature VP Lin Hua. Lin revealed that Shanda Literature is now in talks with Amazon regarding a partnership focused on traditional book publishing operations, but declined to divulge any further details.

A spokesperson for Amazon China declined to comment on the news.

At a press conference held in October last year to announce the renaming of Amazon's China subsidiary, Joyo Amazon, to Amazon China, president of the subsidiary Wang Hanhua expressed certainty that the Kindle device would be sold in China, but was unable at the time to name a specific date. Wang, however, speculated that the largest obstacles to bringing Kindle devices to China are unresolved issues within China's publishing industry regarding film and TV adaption and digital publishing rights.

Editor's Note: Tencent Tech has reported that Amazon China has denied that plans exist to begin importing Kindle devices this year, adding that no timeline has been set for such a move. For more information on this topic, please see "Amazon Seeks Approval to Bring Kindle, Kindle Fire to China," MD 10/27/11 and "Rumor: Joyo-Amazon Recruiting for China Kindle Business," MD 7/28/10 issues.

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