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Shanda Adjusts Pricing for Grand Cloud Products

Sina Tech, 3/20/12

With the official public launch of its "Grand Cloud" ( line of cloud server, cloud storage, and cloud computing products, Chinese online media provider and online game developer and operator Shanda Interactive has announced changes to "Grand Cloud" product prices.

Rather than charging based on traffic, the cloud server plans will charge customers by available bandwidth. Billing per I/O instance for cloud storage plans will be canceled, in favor of billing by storage capacity. Some Grand Cloud customers are unhappy with the changes: one user on Shanda's Grand Cloud forums calculated that while under the old billing plans, a small-scale cloud server cost RMB 1,788 per year and offered 30 GB of free monthly traffic, the new plan would maintain the RMB 1,788/year cloud server, but add the need for customers to spend RMB 2,376 for bandwidth (5 Mbps), increasing the overall cost of the service.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Shanda Announces Pricing for Grand Cloud Online Storage," MD 12/26/11 issue.

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