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Mobile Game Firm WiSTONE Expects 2012 Profit of RMB 40-50 Mln

TechWeb, 4/18/12

Today at the 2012 seventh annual Mobile Internet Summit in Beijing, Wu Gang, CEO of Beijing-based mobile MMORPG developer WiSTONE, announced that the company expects its 2012 profit to be in the range of RMB 40-50 mln. The company, which currently employs 110 people, began to make a small profit in 2010. In 2011 its after-tax profit was RMB 20 mln, and its Q1 2012 after-tax profit reached RMB 10 mln. At present, 65% of WiSTONE's revenues come from overseas, and a third of its revenues are generated by its iOS platform. Wu Gang added that it is five times less costly for the company to grow its user base with Android users than it is to attract users of the iOS platform.

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