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Chinese TV Stations Partner on Moral Education Programming

Changjiang Daily, 4/23/12

Fifteen Mainland Chinese city TV stations, including Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Changchun TV Station, recently signed an agreement to cooperate on moral education programming operations, and established a moral education programming alliance.

"Neighborhood Gossip," a program produced by Wuhan Broadcasting's TV and film subsidiary, will be the alliance's first moral education program. As part of the cooperation, other television stations can film, purchase or participate in other stations' operations. Shows can also be reprocessed to add voice-overs in local dialects.

Editor's Note: Moral education programming is similar to fictional legal dramas in the US, but there is an explanation after the show about the events that take place between the characters. A likely topic would be a husband and wife getting a divorce. After the show, someone will explain how to divide the couple's property.


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