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ZQGame to Promote Stocks in MMO

DoNews, 5/07/12

Shenzhen-based online game developer and operator Powerleader Network (a.k.a ZQGame) (300052.SZ) announced today that it will embed a stock ticker system in its licensed title Bing Wang that will sync in real-time with information on ZQGame's A-shares, allowing gamers to follow and trade stocks within the game during A-share trading hours.

When closed beta testing of the game begins on May 11, ZQGame will grant gamers 10 free in-game stock options. The exercise price for the options will be set initially at RMB 10, and will fluctuate according to the market price in the future. Subsequently, whenever gamers add RMB 10 to their game balance, they will receive one free in-game stock option. The exercise period will be from the first to the seventh of each month; when exercised, the options will yield incentives valued at the market price of the stock minus the exercise price.

When gamers purchase shares within the game, the system will automatically subsidize RMB 10 of the purchase, to be deducted upon gamers' sale of the shares.

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