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December 20, 2013

Umeng: China's October Average Android Handset Price Was RMB 1,426

Umeng, 12/18/13

The average price of newly sold Android devices in 200 Chinese cities was RMB 1,426 in October, according to mobile app analytics platform Umeng. On average, customers spent the most on Android devices in the cities of Panjin, Liaoning (RMB 2,197), Ordos, Inner Mongolia (RMB 2,159), and Dalian, Liaoning (RMB 2,147). Out of the 200 cities, Beijing ranked 30th in terms of the average amount spent on Android devices, while Shanghai ranked 47th, Shenzhen 70th, and Guangzhou 149th. According to Umeng, most of the cities that ranked higher on the list are found in provinces that have lower internet distribution, but relatively high GDP per capita.

From August to November 2013, Tibet, Heilongjiang, and Hainan saw China's highest average monthly growth in data usage per mobile handset, with growth rates of 8.6%, 8.1%, and 7.7%, respectively. The increased data usage in Tibet and Hainan are primarily attributable to the high number of tourists carrying mobile devices. Increases in average monthly data usage per handset of 6.2% in Guangdong and 5.4% in Beijing during the period from Aug-Nov are attributable to the construction of 4G networks and mobile operator data policies.

Editor's Note: Umeng's statistics only take into account Android devices sold through legitimate sales channels (i.e. gray market phone sales are not included). Handset data usage includes only mobile network data usage, but not Wi-Fi usage.


Keywords:  national statistics  smartphone  handset  Android  pricing  mobile data  analytics 

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