Chinese Paid Search Report - Q4 2012

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Based on extensive interviews with an established panel of top search engine marketing professionals, empirical research of the major Chinese search engines' new platforms and features, and Marbridge's daily coverage of Chinese search-related news and announcements, Marbridge's Quarterly Chinese Paid Search Survey Report helps readers understand where China's paid search market is heading and which search engines are best positioned to gain traffic and revenue market share.

Over five months since Qihoo 360's mid-August entry into China's search market and poised at the end-of-year transition to new budgets, strategies, and rebate policies, the Q4 2012 issue of the report - released February 4, 2013 - provides a detailed analysis of how Qihoo's search platform and monetization plans are taking shape and impacting Baidu and other rivals. A partial selection of featured topics includes:

  • Qihoo Search Platform Development - Detailed explanation of the new search products and partnerships Qihoo 360 has developed during the quarter.

  • Qihoo Ad Management System - Analysis of current limitations of Qihoo's back-end ad management platform.

  • Qihoo Search Monetization Plan - Overview of search engine marketing (SEM) products Qihoo 360 has already launched, including free trial and paid campaign performance feedback.

  • Advertiser Interest in Qihoo SEM - Survey of advertiser interest in Qihoo SEM products, including proportion of quarterly budget advertisers estimate they would allocate to Qihoo.

  • Baidu 2013 Sales Growth Target - Evaluation of the challenges Baidu faces in achieving its 2013 revenue growth target and measures it is employing to reach it.

  • Baidu 2013 Rebate and Bonus Spend Policies - Examination of Baidu's 2013 rebate and bonus spend policies, and the ways they are likely to influence agency and advertiser behavior.

  • Baidu Mobile Initiatives - Assessment of Baidu's development efforts in the mobile internet sector, including advertiser interest in and performance evaluation of the company's mobile ad products.

  • Minority Players - Overview and analysis of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of Google, Sogou, and Soso, and the outlook for each to grow or maintain share in the China market.

  • Advertiser Spending Trends - Advertiser Q4 2012 spending trends and Q1 2013 spending forecasts by search engine.

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