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Mobile Big Data Service Provider Jiguang Raises USD 8-digit Series D, 7/06/17

Shenzhen-based mobile big data service provider Hexun Huagu Information Technology, which operates under the Jiguang brand, recently completed USD 8-digit Series D funding from Fidelity International. Hexun Huagu founder and CEO Luo Weidong said the funding will be used to strengthen the company's team, make investments in data, ensure data sources are in legal compliance, use machine learning to optimize models, and create open data features to improve partners' user experience.

Hexun Huagu started out as a provider of push notification service JPush, but in 2016 repositioned itself as a mobile big data service provider. Its business has expanded into three major areas to provide: a developer services system, a performance advertising platform, and a data services system.

According to Luo, the company's precision marketing business is currently bringing in half of the company's revenue. The push notification service, originally the company's main product, now accounts for 10%-20% of revenue and is mainly a data gathering portal. The company's businesses targeting the finance and commerce industries each account for another 10%-20%.

According to data provided by Hexun Huagu, the company has served over 500,000 mobile applications and extended its coverage to over 8 bln mobile devices, with over 700 mln unique monthly active devices.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Mobile Push Notification Service JPush Wins USD 8-digit Series C," MD 6/30/16 issue.

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