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Tencent Establishes Artificial Intelligence Accelerator to Support 25 Projects

NetEase Tech, 7/22/17

Chinese internet and mobile services firm Tencent (0700.HK) recently launched an artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator, which has selected 25 projects from a pool of more than 1,000 AI startup projects to receive six months of acceleration support, including technology, resource, guidance, marketing, and funding assistance.

Selected AI projects include companies focusing on medical, education, and legal service domain applications, such as AI interactive systems developer Sanjiaoshou Technology ( and Huiying Medical Technology, operator of online and mobile third-party medical image consulting platform Huiyi Huiying. The accelerator also includes companies focusing on AI hardware integration, such as TV game developer Huanchuang Technology (TVPlay). Tencent said that the selected projects have also achieved breakthroughs in areas such as self-driving vehicles, spatial positioning, and translation.

The new AI accelerator program will be connected with other AI resources at Tencent including Tencent's AILab, Youtu, and Tencent Cloud Computing divisions, which will provide access to more than 20 different AI technologies. Tencent will also provide more than 10 mln in computer resource credits from Tencent Cloud Computing, in order to reduce project costs and increase data processing efficiency.

The accelerator will connect AI projects with upstream and downstream resources including chip, industrial design, and production and manufacturing supply chain resources, as well as industry resources in the medical and e-commerce domains.

Keywords: Huanchuang TVPlay online healthcare Internet software Tencent cloud computing 0700.HK Tencent Cloud artificial intelligence Sanjiaoshou Huiying Medical Huiyi Huiying television TV gaming online education


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