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AI-based College and Career Planning Service iPIN Wins RMB 8-digit Series B, 8/25/17

Shenzhen-based Aipin Information Technology, operator of artificial intelligence services brand iPIN, secured RMB 8-digit Series B funding in May this year from SkyChee Capital. To date, the company has raised over RMB 90 mln over 3 rounds of funding.

According to company CEO Yang Yang, iPIN has three businesses: personal development assistance, enterprise services, and open technology platforms.

In terms of personal development, iPIN offers a mobile app called "Wanmei Zhiyuan" (literally, "Perfect Aspiration"), aimed at students taking China's national college entrance exam, and requires students to fill in which universities and majors they aspire to matriculate. The service helps students make decisions about which universities and majors to fill in via analysis of data from over 2,000 universities, 1,200 majors, and 40 mln students nationwide, as well as technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing. Perfect Aspiration takes in RMB 8-digits in revenue annually from direct sales via its website and has serviced tens of millions of students.

iPIN also provides a career planning service which schools and enterprises can purchase, as well as a consumer version priced at RMB 588 per year.

iPIN's other core products are a career counseling chat bot and a head-hunting chat bot. The former is aimed at consumers, helping university students and white collar workers find job opportunities, and the latter is aimed at companies, assisting them with talent acquisition.

The company also provides open platforms for enterprises, by exporting its technologies packaged as individual modules uploaded to a platform, offering functions such as resume analysis and human resource analysis. Enterprises can further tailor these functions to their own needs via APIs.

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