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Sogou Launches Two Translation Devices for Travel and Language Learning

iFeng Tech, 1/25/18

Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Chinese internet firm Sohu's (Nasdaq: SOHU) online search subsidiary Sogou (NYSE: SOGO), recently announced upgrades to Japanese and Korean translation functions for Sogou Search and Sogou Keyboard (Sogou Input Method Editor), as well as two new hardware devices: Sogou Lvxing Fanyi Bao (Sogou Travel Translator) and Sogou Suji Fanyi Bi (Sogou Shorthand Translation Pen). The two products are the first results of Sogou's new AI strategy.

Sogou Travel Translator supports document, dialogue, voice, and virtual translation modes. Its Chinese-English offline translation capability supports translation when an Internet connection is unavailable. The Sogou Shorthand Translation Pen is aimed at foreign language learning scenarios. It supports simultaneous voice interpretation for real-time dialogue and can instantly translate voice inputs. The two products offer translation support for 17 languages and are priced at RMB 1,498 and RMB 299, respectively.

Wang Xiaochuan explained three main revenue models for Sogou in the "AI age":

1. Sogou Keyboard will be opened up to connect with information, services, and products.

2. Information traffic will be used to enhance Sogou Keyboard and Sogou Browser, to enable more personalized services.

3. The two new hardware devices, Sogou Travel Translation and Sogou Shorthand Translation Pen, will be a major source of operating revenues for Sogou. Sogou will make translation products and services a major business line, rather than simply one of its channels.

Keywords: smart terminal Wang Xiaochuan hardware Internet travel online search Sogou Sohu language learning Sogou Keyboard SOGO Chinese character input artificial intelligence


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