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China's Leading Courier Firms Adopt Cainiao's Delivery Person Star Rating System, 7/05/18

Cainiao Network Technology, the smart logistics company co-established by Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) and several other firms, recently said that its delivery staff star-rating system has been adopted by five major Chinese express delivery firms including YTO Express (600233.SH), ZTO Express (NYSE: ZTO), Shentong Express, Best Express (NYSE: BSTI), and Tian Tian Express.

Cainiao's "star program" is comprised of star ratings, star incentives, and star empowerment components. The program has been launched jointly by Cainiao and major Chinese express delivery firms to serve as a lifelong career development system for delivery personnel, to provide unified standards for more than 3 mln express delivery workers.

The program's star rating scheme serves as an industry-approved express delivery service rating system. Users can provide anonymous service feedback through mobile apps for platforms such as Alibaba Group's (NYSE: BABA) C2C and B2C e-commerce sites Taobao and Tmall, and through Cainiao's logistics service app Guoguo. The star program's internal systems will then use rules to generate a 1-5 star rating for the employee. The system is linked to each delivery worker's real name so that rating information will carry over if they switch to a different employer.

Employees with higher star ratings are eligible to receive incentives such as cash prizes, free insurance, preferential loan terms, and promotion opportunities. Under the "star empowerment" aspect of the star program, Cainiao provides industry technology support through its Cainiao Voice Assistant platform.

Apps for delivery personnel include tips regarding how to improve one's star rating, such as proactively contacting the customer prior to delivery, delivering packages to the customer's home on demand, and waiting for customer approval before leaving packages at a designated pick-up location.

Cainiao announced its delivery personnel star program on May 31.

Keywords: e-commerce Internet logistics Alibaba Group ZTO Express Cainiao Guoguo BABA YTO Express Tian Tian Express Best Express BSTI ZTO 600233.SH STO Express 002468.SZ


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