Chinese Smart Device Industry Matrix - Q3 2017

China's smart device market, excluding communications and computing devices like smartphones and tablets, but including smart TVs and set-top boxes, grew over 38% YoY to nearly RMB 160 bln in 2016, and is expected to grow roughly 35% to approximately RMB 215 bln in 2017. Key drivers for the sector include robust private equity investment, strong smart hardware ecosystem development initiatives, and increasing consumer awareness and uptake. Comprising over 70% of the market, the smart home segment achieved over 30% YoY growth in 2016, while other segments like smart health and medical devices, in-vehicle devices, wearables, and robots all grew rapidly.

To help investors and tech industry enterprises better understand the composition of China's smart device industry, including the key players and their product portfolios, the state of smart hardware ecosystem development among larger players like Xiaomi, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and, and the details of related private equity investments, Marbridge has researched and formulated the Chinese Smart Device Industry Matrix. Product categories covered in the Matrix include smart home, smart transport, wearables, robots, drones, and other smart hardware, such as smart video recording devices, smart toys, smart children's education devices, smart auxiliary devices, smart accessories, and smart management terminals. Smart health and fitness devices are covered in Marbridge's Chinese Mobile Health & Fitness Industry Matrix, so are not covered in the Chinese Smart Device Industry Matrix.

Updated on a quarterly basis, the Q3 2017 edition of the Matrix provides the following data sets on China's leading smart hardware makers and their products in Excel (read-only) format:

Smart Hardware Makers (265)

  • Company Name
  • Date Established
  • Location (city)
  • Ticker Symbol (if applicable)
  • Business Scope
  • Company Homepage URL
  • Funding Information
  • Reference Article in Marbridge Daily

Smart Devices (530)

  • Product Category
  • Product Sub-category
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Smart Device Ecosystem Affiliation (if any)
  • Retail Price
  • Reference Article in Marbridge Daily

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