Marbridge Daily Publishes 100,000 News Summaries

Marbridge Daily, now in publication for over a decade, has just published its 100,000th news summary! We’ve covered a lot of ground, from the Web 2.0 frenzy of the mid-2000s to the currently booming AI and blockchain trends, and documented a stunning metamorphosis of China’s tech industry from domestically focused imitator to globally expansive innovator.

Your loyal readership has been the driving force behind the longevity of the Marbridge Daily, and we hope you’ll continue to find it valuable and informative. As a token of our appreciation, during the full month of June, we’ll be increasing the volume of open content, and will also offer 2-for-1 pricing on all of our quarterly research reports.

Marbridge quarterly research reports covered under the Marbridge Daily 100,000 News Summary Celebration 2-for-1 pricing promotion include:


To enjoy our Marbridge Daily 100,000 News Summary Celebration 2-for-1 pricing on any two Marbridge quarterly research reports/report series, please fill in your contact details below, and we will respond within one business day. Pricing for any 2-for-1 report combination will be that of the higher-priced of the two reports. The 2-for-1 pricing promotion will be limited to those orders received during the month of June 2018:

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