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Chinese Authorities Drafting Online Matchmaking Industry Standard

National Business Daily, 11/05/07

The Chinese Social Work Association's Matchmaking Industry Committee is drafting a National Matchmaking Service Standard to be submitted to the Standardization Administration for consideration this November. If approved it will be passed to the Ministry of Civil Affairs for further approval. The finalized standard will be used to limit false advertising on online matchmaking services, excessive competition and poor service provision; to manage entry to the sector; and to award star-ratings for service providers.

The system of standards will include standards for eight areas, including services, entry to the sector, star-ratings, and terminology. On coming into force, standards will be compulsory for matchmaking services' processes, services and tariffs.

LENS: In 2006, China's online matchmaking market reached RMB 175 mln (USD 23.2 mln), a 169% YoY increase. With expected CAGR of 84.7%, the market is on track to reach RMB 1.2 bln (USD 159 mln) by 2010.

As of September 2007, over 1,000 online matchmaking sites had appeared in China. The table below shows comparative metrics for several of the leading sites:

Name Launch Registered Users (Date)
Baihe 2005.5 9.2 mln(9/2007)
Jiayuan 2003.1 8.6 mln(11/2007)
Marry5 (Haotian Group) End of 2005 (Haotian Group - 2001.5) 8.6 mln (9/2007)
Yeeyoo 2004.2 14 mln (1/2007)
96333 1999.5 7 mln (1/2007)

Company Funding (USD Mln) Investors Date
Baihe 2 Mayfield and GSR 2005.10
9 NEA and NorthernLight 2006.3
Jiayuan 5.3 Angel - Founders of New Oriental 2007.4
10 Qiming Venture Partners 2007.6
Marry5 (Haotian Group) 12.5 SAIF Partners 2005.6
Yeyoo 20 Meetic 2006.1
96333 8 MC Capital, Seavi Advent, and Bridger Capital 2006.5

Among the registered user totals listed above, the percentage which are active users, as well as each company's standard for defining active users, varies markedly. For example, 96333 defines active users as those logging in at least once every 2 days, and says active users comprise 5.25 mln, or 75%, of its total registered users. Yeeyoo, on the other hand, defines active users as those logging in at least once per month, but still counts only 2.8 mln, or 20%, of its total registered users as active.

For figures on 2005 market size, please see the LENS in Love Website Baihe Makes Red Herring Asia Top 100 List, MW 09/08/06 issue.

For additional information on some of China's leading online matchmaking sites, please see:

Softbank Invests in Online Matchmaker, MW 01/06/06 issue;

Yeeyoo to Launch Online Marriage Agency, MW 08/04/06 issue;

Baihe Starts On-line Dating Real Name System, MW 03/23/07 issue;

Internet Real Name System Officially Launched, MW 04/20/07 issue.

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