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SARFT Penalizes Makers of Film "Lost in Beijing"

SARFT, 1/03/08

China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) today issued a notice to all provincial-level regulators and related film production and distribution companies, alerting them to its plans to seriously punish the production team of "Lost in Beijing".

According to SARFT, "Lost in Beijing", co-produced by Beijing Laurel Films, Beijing Polybona Film Distribution, and Beijing Zhonghong Real-estate Developing Group, has seriously violated the "Regulation on Film Administration" in the following manner:

(1) Illegally distributing an unapproved and pornographic film clip via the internet, and producing DVD/VCDs containing the clip.

(2) Illegally submitting the unapproved version of the film for viewing at the 57th Berlin Film Festival.

(3) Including in the film unhealthy and improper advertisements, violating both the Regulation on Film Administration and also the Advertising Law.

Based on items 42, 43, 56, 61, 63 and 64 of the regulation, the following punishments will be invoked:

The film's license will be cancelled, and unapproved film copies and related materials will be confiscated. Distribution and showing of the film in cinemas will be terminated. Broadcast of the film on online video sites will also be stopped, and relevant authorities will be asked to block further publication of the film's audio-visual products (DVD/VCD).

As the main company responsible for the violation, Beijing Laurel Films will be barred from producing any new films for the next 2 years, and its legal person, Fang Li, will be prohibited from involvement in the film industry for the next 2 years. Criticism of Beijing Polybona Film Distribution and Beijing Zhonghong Real-estate Developing Group will be publicized, and both companies will be required to correct their mistakes. Producers, directors and actors/actresses involved in the film will receive criticism and remedial education.

Keywords: SARFT penalty film Lost in Beijing pornography regulation Beijing Laurel Films Beijing Polybona Film Distribution Beijing Zhonghong Real-estate Developing Group Regulation on Film Administration Advertising Law advertising law online video DVD VCD Fang Li television


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