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Bid Results for CMMB Testing System Released

Netease, 2/01/08

The Chinese government announced the results of its recent solicitation of bids for a CMMB testing system. 17 types of testing equipment were sought for use in network planning and optimization. A source at SARFT's Academy of Broadcasting Planning has revealed that the next stage will be to solicit bids for CMMB terminal equipment, but that no date has yet been set.

Manufacturers currently capable of producing CMMB terminals include Lenovo, ZTE, Aigo, NeoNetech, UTStarcom, and Motorola. Chips for the devices would all come from Innofidei. In addition, SARFT has taken steps to begin systematic production of CMMB programs and special services. The recently released CMMB data broadcasting technology standard integrates a number of different data services within CMMB networks.

Editor's note: Total value of the projects put up for bid was originally estimated at RMB 2 mln for 11 projects, but eventually closed at RMB 1.39 mln for 10 projects. The bid-winning firms include:

BlueTop Technology - RMB 394,000

Scivo Technology Co., Ltd. - RMB 401,000

Innofidei - RMB 199,800

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications - RMB 300,000

Shenzhen Secom Telecom - RMB 96,934

Keywords: bidding supply contract mobile phone TV mobile TV Academy of Broadcasting Planning Aigo CMMB Innofidei Lenovo Motorola NeoNetech SARFT Shenzhen television UTStarcom ZTE


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