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SARFT Solicits CMMB Terminal Bids

Marbridge Consulting, 2/13/08

The Chinese government's procurement website posted a notice on February 3 announcing it would solicit bids for CMMB receiver terminals. A total of 340 terminal devices are available, divided into three categories, A, B, and C, corresponding to (A) signal path and multiplexing testing terminals, (B) encryption and scrambling testing terminals, and (C) full-service testing terminals. Companies winning bids in category A are required to provide terminals within 30 days of signing an agreement, while winners in categories B and C will have 60 to 100 days.

According to a Sina Tech report, the notice stated that bids for all categories of CMMB receiver were welcome, including devices in the mobile phone, PMP, GPS, and mobile hard drive category. According to Innofidei's Meng Fei, production of CMMB mobile phones and PMPs is proceeding rapidly, with mobile phones receiving CMMB "unconditionally" already being mass-produced by some companies. Lenovo, ZTE, Aigo and other companies are preparing to submit bids, and CMMB terminals without decryption capabilities could play a major role in the 2008 Olympic Games this summer.

Keywords: Olympics mobile phone TV mobile TV Aigo CMMB GPS Innofidei Lenovo Meng Fei mobile phone PMP procurement SARFT television ZTE


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