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Former Commit Executives Found TD-SCDMA Companies

China Business News, 7/01/08

A source with embedded CPU firm ARM has revealed that both the former CTO and the former COO of the now-defunct TD-SCDMA chip developer, Commit, have founded their own TD-SCDMA chipset companies. Former CTO, Fang Ming, has founded ASTWireless Corporation, and former COO Li Jun has formed Digimoc Telecom Technology. In mid-July ARM and ASTWireless executives will meet to discuss ARM-based TD-SCDMA baseband chip research.

Li Jun confirmed that many former Commit employees were now at Digimoc, and according to an informed source, when Fang Ming left Commit in April 2007, he took more than ten key technical staff members with him. According to Fang, ASTWireless will "launch a TD-HSDPA chipset in the second half of the year."

Editor's Note: TD-SCDMA chip manufacturer Commit halted operations at the end of April, 2008. For more background on this topic, please see "TD-SCDMA Chip Maker Halts Operations", MD 5/06/08 issue.

Keywords: Arm Holdings Fang Ming ASTWireless Digimoc HR chipset handset chip Commit embedded Li Jun TD-HSDPA TD-SCDMA wireless 3G


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