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CMMB Satellite Launch Faces Further Delay

China Business News, 7/14/09

Media sources have reported that the CMMB mobile television satellite launch may be delayed again. Shen Hongbing, chairman of TiMi Technologies, a subsidiary of SARFT's Academy of Broadcasting Science that is involved in development of the CMMB standard, said he is not certain what the timetable is for launch of the satellite, but said in the near term, postponement of the launch would have little impact on the CMMB industry. At the current stage, he explained, under direction from SARFT's leadership, everyone in the industry is focused on construction of the digital terrestrial network. One analyst speculated that the delay might be due to horse trading, with the U.S., which is constructing the satellite, withholding the satellite and its technology as a tactic in negotiating to participate in CMMB. Costs for construction and launch of the satellite were determined at the beginning of last year, with construction at USD 200 mln, and launch another USD 100 mln.

Editor's Note: The satellite was originally scheduled to be launched in June 2008, but postponed to the first quarter of 2009. For more background, please see "CMMB Satellite to Launch Next Year", MD 9/25/08 issue, and "CMMB Satellite Launch Delayed", MD 1/11/08 issue.

Keywords: Academy of Broadcasting Science CMMB SARFT satellite Shen Hongbing television terrestrial timetable TiMi mobile phone TV R&D DTV


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