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DCCI, Comsenz Issue China SNS Report

DCCI, 5/31/10

The Data Center of the China Internet (DCCI) and Chinese social platform and service provider Comsenz have jointly released the 2010 China Social Network Service Report.

According to the report, 71.8% of social network service (SNS) users reported using large-scale SNS (such as Renren, Kaixin001) on a regular basis, while 27.9% reported using industry or interest-specific SNS. 17.7% used other types of SNS, and 13.2% reported using regionally-specific SNS on a regular basis.

For SNS usage frequency in 2010, 35.7% of SNS users reported using SNS every day, while 21.9% reported using SNS 1-2 times a week, and 20.8% reported using SNS once every 2-3 days.

57.6% of respondents reported visiting 2-3 different SNS, while 25.3% visited only one, and 12.6% of respondents visited 4-5 different social networking websites.

The most common regular activities by SNS users were journals/status updates (68.9%), followed by photo-sharing (58.4%), music (51.3%) and games (49%).

According to the report, the most effective advertising format affecting users' buying habits is brand "spaces" (i.e.: a profile or community page dedicated to a brand), followed by display, video and Flash-based advertising.

60% of respondents said that SNS advertising helps them become aware of brands, while 51.4% said that SNS advertising gave them a stronger impression of a specific brand. 39.4% believed that SNS advertising led them to independently seek more information about a specific brand, and 35% said that SNS advertising improved their opinion of a specific brand, while 33.8% said that SNS advertising made them more likely to buy a specific brand.

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