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China Telcos Announce January 2011 Subscriber Totals

Marbridge Consulting, 2/21/11

China's three main telecom operators have announced their subscriber totals for January 2011.

January saw the net addition of 11.03 mln new mobile subscribers. China Mobile (NYSE: CHL; 0941.HK) added 5.26 mln new mobile subscribers, pushing the operator's total mobile user base to 589.28 mln, of which a total of 22.63 mln subscribers used China Mobile's TD-SCDMA terminals during the month. China Mobile added 1.93 mln new TD-SCDMA subscribers during the month.

China Unicom (NYSE: CHU; 0762.HK; 600050.SH) added 0.83 new GSM subscribers, bringing its total GSM user base to 154.19 mln, and added 1.41 mln subscribers to its WCDMA 3G network, for a total of 15.47 mln WCDMA subscribers.

China Telecom (NYSE: CHA; 0728.HK) added 3.53 mln CDMA subs, taking its total to 94.05 mln, of which 13.64 mln were CDMA2000 EV-DO subscribers. China Telecom added 1.35 mln new CDMA2000 EV-DO subscribers during the month.

Of the three operators' cumulative 51.74 mln 3G subs, China Mobile holds 44%, China Unicom 30%, and China Telecom 26%. Of total new mobile subs added in January, China Mobile took 47.74%, dropping its share of China's total mobile user base to 69.08%. China Unicom maintained its share of China's total mobile user base at 19.89%, the same percentage it held at the end of December. China Telecom's share of the total installed mobile user base increased for the 25th straight month, hitting 11.03%.

China Telecom lost 0.42 mln fixed-line subs, reducing its total to 174.63 mln, while China Unicom added 0.29 mln fixed-line subs, increasing its total to 96.93 mln.

China Telecom added 1.03 mln new broadband subscribers to reach 64.51 mln, and China Unicom added 0.97 mln new broadband subs to reach 48.2 mln.

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