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China Adds 5 Mln IPTV Subscribers in 2010

SARFT.Net, 3/07/11

According to figures from CCID Consulting, by the end of 2010, China's total number of digital TV subscriber households had reached 112.27 mln. During 2010, the number of digital TV subscriber households increased by 35.34 mln, of which 21.69 mln were digital cable TV subscribers, 7.85 mln digital satellite TV subscribers, and 5.11 mln IPTV subscribers.

Editor's Note: The remainder of the newly added digital TV subscriber households were terrestrial digital TV subscribers.

Annual growth in China's number of digital TV subscriber households since 2006 is detailed in the table below:

Year New Digital TV Subs (mln) Total User Base (mln) YoY Change
2006 9.98 14.13 240.5%
2007 13.05 27.19 92.3%
2008 22.04 49.23 81.1%
2009 27.7 76.93 56.3%
2010 35.34 112.27 45.9%

The total number of digital TV subscriber households is expected to grow over the next three years as follows:

Year Total Digital TV User Base (mln) YoY Change
2011e 151.87 35.3%
2012e 197.71 30.2%
2013e 250.43 26.7%

According to, the push for network convergence will add voice and data functionality to the cable TV network, bringing communications and Internet services such as video calling, real-time chat, and high-bandwidth data services to users' TV screens.

Convergence will also accelerate bi-directional cable DTV conversion and residential cable broadband deployment, making the advantages of cable TV more apparent and as a result increasing the proportion of total broadband subscribers using cable broadband. If China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) is able to obtain its own international Internet gateways, cable broadband will become a key product for the cable industry.

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