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China Telecom to Launch Children's Handset in June 1

CCTIME, 5/30/11

China Telecom's (NYSE: CHA; 0728.HK) Zhejiang subsidiary will launch a new safety-monitoring device for children on Children's Day (June 1): the E-Surfing "Shouhubao" ("Child Protector") handset. The handset uses AGPS (satellite and base station triangulation) to offer location data even when users are indoors or underground.

The Shouhubao handset is targeted as a safety device for children and the elderly. It uses Qualcomm's gpsOne technology to allow parents to receive precise location updates on their children or parents through SMS messages or online, and can also set the service to automatically alert police if the handset enters or exits a given area. The handset also features an "SOS" button for children or the elderly to press in the event of an emergency: once it is pressed, the handset will automatically determine its location and send location data to the account owner, as well as automatically dial the owner's phone number.

The handset can be configured with up to four quick-dial numbers, and can also be configured to use a whitelist of acceptable numbers from which to receive incoming calls, as well as features intended to minimize any distractions that the phone might cause during the course of its user's school day.

Keywords: segmentation Qualcomm China Telecom handset wireless E-Surfing gpsOne 0728.HK CHA youth AGPS


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