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Rumor: China Telecom Website Begins IPv6 Testing

Tencent Tech, 6/09/11

A source inside China Telecom (NYSE: CHA; 0728.HK) recently told Tencent Tech that the operator began testing the use of IPv6 for its homepage at the start of this month. Initially, the server will operate over both IPv6 and IPv4 in a dual-mode configuration, and will offer different content to users depending on which protocol they use to connect.

The IPv6 migration system that China Telecom is using to transition to the new protocol, Smart6, was developed by the operator in partnership with BII Group Holdings and Tsinghua University.

According to China Telecom's plans for IPv6 deployment, 2009-2010 was used for commercial trials of IPv6. 2012-2015 will see larger-scale deployment of IPv6, with full-scale deployment after 2015.

At yesterday's Symposium on IPv6 Promotion in Beijing, Wu Hequan, a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that of the currently allocated IPv6 addresses, Brazil has 44.5%, the United States 11%, Japan 7.3%, and China just 0.29%.

Editor's Note: As of September 2010, the top 10 countries/regions in the world for IPv6 address allocations, in order, were: Brazil, USA, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, EU, South Korea, Italy, and Taiwan.

Keywords: Wu Hequan China Telecom IPv4 telecom IPv6 0728.HK CHA commercial trial


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