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Baofeng Selects Underwriters for 2012 US IPO

ChinaTimes, 10/29/11

Feng Xin, CEO of Chinese media player developer Baofeng, revealed recently that the company plans to IPO on a US stock exchange next year, and said that underwriters have been selected although he declined to identify them. When asked if Baofeng would IPO on the NYSE or NASDAQ, Feng only replied that he "can't say."

One source within the company has said that Baofeng's PC client has been installed 150 mln times, and has more than 50 mln active users each day.

On October 26, Baofeng unveiled "Zuo Yan Jian," a new feature in version 5.0 of Baofeng's PC client that improves online video playback quality. Instead of treating the video file as a whole, "Zuo Yan Jian" relies on technology developed by Baofeng to process and optimize each frame separately. Baofeng says that "Zuo Yan Jian" makes 37 bln calculations for every second of video it processes, a feat which Baofeng engineers achieved using patented technology which raises a computer's efficiency and lowers the amount of CPU resources needed to perform calculations on so large a scale. Baofeng says that 80% of computers have the capacity to handle "Zuo Yan Jian."

Feng said that the company's current main application of the technology is in online video, but Baofeng CTO Yang Lidong also revealed that "Baofeng is currently in talks with Intel and AMD regarding further development of this technology, and the possibility of future partnerships with home appliance or PC manufacturers has not been ruled out."

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Baofeng Plans 2012 Nasdaq IPO," MD 10/13/10 issue.

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