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Rumor: Dangdang to Wage New Price War against 360Buy

Qianlong, 11/02/11

As part of its 12th anniversary celebration, Chinese B2C e-commerce site Dangdang (NYSE: DANG) is reportedly planning to launch an "Eastern Campaign" price war against rival 360Buy. The exact dates of the campaign, which will will target popular items on 360Buy, are unknown. Currently, in celebration of the anniversary, Dangdang is already offering a number of items at prices significantly below those available from 360Buy. For example, a Sony LED 40-inch HD TV set currently featured as a hot item on 360Buy is now available on Dangdang at a further discount of RMB 600. In addition, Dangdang is offering the Jiuyang's model DJ14B-D09 soy milk machine, which sells on 360Buy for RMB 399, at RMB 299.

Dangdang was unavailable for comment regarding details of the planned "Eastern Campaign."

Editor's Note: The Chinese name of the campaign, "Zhengdong Jihua," literally translates to "Battle East Campaign," but also contains the double meaning of "Battle 360Buy Campaign," with "dong," the character for "east," also being the second character in both 360Buy's Chinese name ("Jingdong Shangcheng") and also 360Buy CEO Liu Changdong's name. For more information on this topic, please see "Dangdang Launches 3C Price War Against 360Buy," MD 9/23/11 issue.

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