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Evernote Shuts Down User Data Export API

Netease Tech, 5/29/13

A May 28 update to the official microblog of Chinese Internet firm Netease's (Nasdaq: NTES) Youdao Cloudnote announced that the service will no longer support importing data from the popular Evernote service following Evernote's shutdown of API ports for export to Cloudnote. A visit to Chinese online media and game operator Shanda Interactive's Maiku Note revealed that Evernote has also shut down API data export to Maiku.

Youdao Cloudnote said that it had contacted Evernote upon learning of the shutdown, but that Evernote had refused to reopen API access for the service. An Evernote representative said by e-mail that Youdao Cloudnote's use of Evernote APIs had violated section 1.4 of the company's developer RoS, which forbids developers from "creating Applications that transfer, display or use content from Evernote without the Application creating an additional or distinct benefit for Evernote end users' use of the Service."

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing this May, Evernote CEO Phil Libin said that Maiku Note and Youdao Cloudnote were Evernote's chief competitors in China.

Guo Zhongxiang, director of the Shanda Innovation Institute, said that a large number of Evernote users had switched to Maiku Note due to security concerns stemming from a hacker attack on Evernote in early March that resulted in Evernote requiring all its users to reset their passwords.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Youdao Cloudnote Adds Evernote Import Feature," MD 7/10/12 issue.

Keywords: mobile application Shanda Netease Internet Youdao API NTES Maiku Evernote Cloudnote Phil Libin personal cloud storage Guo Zhongxiang


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