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Baidu CEO Outlines Development Strategy for 2017, 2/07/17

Chinese internet company Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) will work to strengthen its position in four areas, including content distribution, connected services, financial innovation, and artificial intelligence, according to a recent speech made by Baidu CEO Robin Li to company employees.

In terms of content distribution, Robin Li said that Baidu needs to find a way to bring content back to its platforms, as there has been a trend of content moving from PC to mobile platforms, such as WeChat and Weibo. He said that Baidu must find a way to make accessing content convenient for its users.

As for connected services, Baidu wants to be able to provide the right content and services asked by users.

In terms of financial innovation, Robin Li said that Baidu needs to explore avenues that others have not thought of, in order to provide better services than its competitors.

As regards to artificial intelligence, Robin Li said that opportunities clearly lie in the integration of software and hardware, as well as in the capability AI has to transform industries. Baidu is primarily a platform business covering a number of industries, however, Li said that company cannot have a deep understanding of each industry. Nonetheless, the company will strive to discover the many opportunities for the application of AI technologies.

Li also mentioned the intensified anti-corruption measures of the last year and said that the company will continue its fight against corruption. Baidu also needs to fight against the dissemination of false information and excessive advertising, according to Li, as these are the two main factors harming the Baidu user experience.

Finally, Li said that the company should abandon products that have no market competitiveness, so that the company's resources can be focused on projects with greater strategic value.

Keywords: online search financial services artificial intelligence strategy Robin Li Internet Baidu BIDU


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