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Tencent Cloud Launches Open Platform for Smart Hardware Developers

Tencent Tech, 5/22/17

Chinese internet and mobile services firm Tencent's (0700.HK) cloud services division, Tencent Cloud, recently launched a smart services open platform called "Tencent Cloud Xiaowei," which allows hardware developers to quickly integrate voice and visual recognition capabilities into their products. The platform also provides smart solutions to allow hardware to add capabilities, forming a smart cloud ecosystem. The platform is currently accepting applications for closed beta testing.

The Tencent Cloud Xiaowei platform is comprised of three components, including hardware, skill, and service robot open platforms.

The hardware open platform provides voice interaction capabilities to third-party hardware developers. Qualified third-party hardware developers can join the platform for free.

The "skill" open platform allows third-party developers to contribute content, service, and smart hardware operating capabilities to Tencent Cloud Xiaowei, which are made available through the platform's voice technology app store. Developers can make their services and products available to users through the platform by filling out a basic description of their voice interaction content and connecting via a simple cloud interface.

The service robot platform applies Xiaowei's natural language processing capabilities in the service domain. The platform's service robots can provide continuous observation, learn from source materials, and respond to customer service questions. The system can be integrated into existing customer service systems, WeChat public accounts, and applets.

Keywords: cloud computing smart terminal smart appliance artificial intelligence hardware software Tencent 0700.HK open platform Tencent Cloud


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