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'Path of Exile' Tops 17173's August 11 'Most Anticipated Games' Ranking, 8/11/17

Chinese online gaming portal 17173 has released its "Most Anticipated Games" ranking for the week ending August 11, 2017, using its "Hot Rankings" system. The game rankings are updated weekly, and cover only those games which have not yet gone into open beta testing. 17173's new "Hot Ranking" is a weighted score based on various metrics, such as the aggregated duration of time gamers have, for any given game, viewed related news, videos, or images on 17173, the number of unique visits to the game's page on 17173, and the number of search queries for the game on 17173. The rankings are reset every half year on January 1 and July 1 - ostensibly to zero.

RankGame NameCompanyHot Ranking
1Path of ExileTencent30,013
2MapleStory 2Tencent29,656
3Open RageNetEase28,035
4Black DesertSnail Game28,035
5MU: LegendN/A24,726
6Lost ArkTencent24,462
7Need for Speed OnlineTencent24,324
8Gujian Qitan OnlineYY Inc23,976
9PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsN/A23,921
10Counter-Strike Global OffensivePerfect World23,292
11Lineage EternalTencent22,886
12War RageNetEase22,362
13Dark and LightSnail Game22,145
15Age of Wushu 2Snail Game21,545
16World of XianXia 2Giant Network20,763
17Lingshan QiyuanTencent20,622
18Epic of TiaNetEase20,223
20Tree of SaviorChangyou19,721

Keywords: 17173 Changyou online gaming Perfect World Snail Game NetEase Dark and Light Internet rankings open beta Tencent YY Lineage Eternal Black Desert MapleStory 2 Gujian Qitan Online Lost Ark World of XianXia 2 Tree of Savior Giant Network Open Rage War Rage Need for Speed Online Path of Exile MU: Legend Paladins Lingshan Qiyuan Age of Wushu 2 H1Z1 Epic of Tia PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0700.HK CYOU NTES Sohu Shanda Games 002558.SZ 002624.SZ


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