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Rumor: Baidu Appoints Vice President Wang Haifeng as Head of Baidu Research

Sina Tech, 8/28/17

Wang Haifeng, a vice president at Chinese internet company Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU), has been appointed the head of Baidu Research, reports Sina Tech citing a source at Baidu. The original head of Baidu Research, Zhang Linyuan, has been appointed to another post.

Wang Haifeng was previously in charge of the "Artificial Intelligence Group" (AIG) at Baidu Research, which includes a deep learning laboratory, a big data laboratory, the Silicon Valley laboratory, and augmented reality laboratory. Wang led divisions within Baidu Research such as the voice technology division, natural language processing division, knowledge division, big data division, and AI platform division.

In addition, Baidu AIG has bolstered technology R&D for AI applications, promoting several teams that originally were part of Baidu Research into independent technology divisions, including the vision technology division, human face technology division, and augmented reality technology division.

Outside of its self-driving car program "Apollo" and smart voice platform "DuerOS," Baidu is also introducing a new structure to commercialize AI technologies. Baidu AIG has independently established two new areas for deploying its AI technology: a "smart airports" business division and a smart customer service and sales business division.

Editor's Note: In an email response to an inquiry from Marbridge, Baidu's investor relations department declined to comment on today's rumor.

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