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Didi Chuxing, Chinese Government Sign Credit Information-sharing Agreement

China News, 3/07/18

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Chinese taxi booking and car hire service app Didi Chuxing recently signed a credit information sharing agreement and launched a credit-based incentives program for Didi Chuxing travelers.

The parties will use China’s National Credit Information Sharing Platform and share credit information to develop “black list” and “red list” reward and penalty mechanisms and enrich systems for urban credit monitoring and alert indicators.

The National Credit Information Sharing Platform was established by the NDRC and China’s State Information Center (SIC) as a hub for public credit information collection and sharing covering 14 bln persons, legal entities, and companies. The current cooperation between the NDRC and Didi Chuxing will involve the sharing of a combination of types of information from the platform – including publicly available data and that non-publicly available data that is specifically needed for the “Xin Yi Xing” credit-based ride incentives program.

The Xin Yi Xing program will use comprehensive credit evaluations to offer trustworthy “red list” individuals and organizations preferential services when booking rides through Didi Chuxing, including prioritized ride requests, discounts on ride service fees, and deposit-free services.

In addition, the program will compile regional credit evaluation statistics for different areas. Didi Chuxing will share regional data, such as total passenger bad debts and the number of passengers with bad debt in each area, with national urban credit monitoring systems.

The Xin Yi Xing program will initially cover more than 400 mln users of Didi Chuxing services, including its express shuttle, vehicle rental, chauffeur, and ridesharing services, and the program will eventually be expanded to cover other online transportation service providers following pilot testing.

Editor’s Note: The National Credit Information Sharing Platform is used internally by China’s government, and a portion of its data is also made available to the public via the NDRC-managed Credit China website. Credit China is a platform to praise better businesses and discipline the dishonest. The website includes a search tool to quickly find the credit information of the legal representative and natural person behind a company.

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