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China Strengthens Regulation of Audio-visual Content Creation and Broadcasting

Pencil News, 3/22/18

China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio Film and Television (SAPPRFT) recently issued a special notice on strengthening regulatory oversight for online audio-visual program broadcasting, including management rules covering unlawful crawling, clipping, and editing activity and sponsorship of different types of programming.

Specific requirements include:

1. All audio-visual programming websites must refrain from producing and broadcasting programs that distort or maliciously parody classic literary and artistic works. Websites may not re-edit, re-dub, or re-subtitle classic works, broadcast film and TV programming, or original online audio-visual programming without authorization. Websites must also refrain from clipping and piecing together selections from other programs to create new programming for broadcasting, and they must not broadcast edited clips from works that distort the original meaning. Websites must strictly control the distribution of similar re-edited content, including content uploaded by Internet users.

2. It is forbidden to broadcast unauthorized films and TV programs, online original audio-visual programming that has not been submitted to authorities for recording, and broadcast film and TV programming and online audio-visual programming that has been specifically identified as problematic by government film and TV broadcasting regulatory agencies. This restriction also applies to corresponding film trailers and previews.

3. In cases involving sponsorship of broadcast TV programming and online audio-visual programming, the credentials of the sponsoring party must first be examined, and no partnerships may be entered into with organizations that have unlawfully provided online audio-visual programming services. This rule applies to online live broadcasts, lead sponsors, advertising, and other sponsors.

Keywords: online video film Internet programming television SAPPRFT regulation content production


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